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Our Organic Huila coffee has flavor notes of Pear, White grape, and cCitrus.


This bold coffee creates a delightful and complex flavor for your drinking experience!


About our Colombia Coffee: The Huila region in Colombia produces high-quality and award-winning green coffee beans with a unique flavor profile that features bright acidity, sweetness, and a fragrant aroma. It is known for its nutrient-rich volcanic soil that bears highly anticipated unroasted coffee each year for the global market. Most of the coffee farmers in Colombia are smallholders.


8oz Single Origin Organic Coffee from Huila, Colombia

  • High-Quality, Home-Roasted Coffee with a Purpose.

    Millions of people enjoy a daily cup of coffee, but why settle for flavorless, ordinary coffee? Experience the difference with Regenerate Coffee Roasting Co. – our passionate new business ministry that offers not only great-tasting coffee but also ethically sourced coffee beans from a micro-farm in Colombia. By paying their farmers a fair wage, we make sure that our coffee beans are grown organically and sustainably.

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